Zeno Hot Spot Acne Treatment Review
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The Zeno Hot Spot blemish clearing device is a battery-operated heater. According to the marketing, it’s designed to reduce the size of pimples almost immediately (within hours) and to eliminate pimples within 24 hours 90% of the time. In actuality it’s only that effective against certain blemishes that haven’t erupted. It isn’t that effective against whiteheads.

How does it work?

Zeno and similar products are based on the idea that heat destroys bacteria. The Hot Spot heats skin for 2 ½ minutes. During this time, bacteria are killed. Over the next few hours the blemish starts to shrink in size.

How much does the Zeno acne treatment cost?

The $40 Hot Spot can be used 80 times. However, since each problem area may need to be treated four times per day, you really only get enough heat for 20 blemishes.

Various Zeno Hot Spots are available at different price points. They each have a different number of uses. Batteries are included.

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Is Zeno right for me?

Zeno works best on acne that’s just below the skin’s surface. Keep this in mind when reading the claim about destroying 90% of blemishes within 24 hours. Only a certain type of acne applies.

Would we recommend the Zeno Hot Spot?

This product is based on good ideas but isn’t the “best in class.” Some customers have complained about the need to hold the device to each pimple for two to three minutes. A competitor, ThermaClear, only requires a few seconds of contact. People have also reported that the Hot Spot is rather cheap and sometimes stops working after just a few uses. Just over half of Zeno customers would recommend the Hot Spot to others.

ThermaClear is probably a better option for an acne spot treatment. It costs more but provides better convenience and reliability. Also, unlike the Zeno Hot Spot it’s packaged with anti-acne creams.