ZENMED Derma Cleanse Review
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ZENMED’s Derma Cleanse is a holistic and nature-based skincare system for all skin types. It includes three steps to be followed twice daily:

  1. A gentle cleansing gel
  2. A medicated gel
  3. An oral herbal supplement

We highly recommend Derma Cleanse for its effectiveness and lack of negative side effects. Results are typically seen within three days of starting use. Optimal benefits for the skin are typically achieved within three to four weeks. Additionally, people might notice long-term benefits throughout their bodies as the herbal supplements take effect.

Derma Cleanse and related ZENMED products are covered by a 60-day money-back guarantee. You can EASILY get your money back with no questions asked.  Customer service is very important to them!  You are also not set up on any automatic shipments that get charged to your card and no need to join a “club” for a cheaper rate.

See the Derma Cleanse website

How does Derma Cleanse fight acne?

Derma Cleanse approaches acne from two directions, or from inside and outside the body. Step one, the cleansing gel, contains salicylic acid. This popular anti-acne ingredient sloughs away dead skin cells that clog pores and stimulates the emergence of healthy new cells. It also curbs excess sebum production. The Derma Cleanse cleanser also contains a feast of appealing natural ingredients: sage, thyme, aloe vera, cucumber and more.

In addition to its 2% salicylic acid concentration, the Derma Cleanse acne gel treatment contains witch hazel, Vitamin B5 and other ingredients that help fight bacteria, tighten pores and soothe the skin.

The herbal supplements work on hormonal balance. They help keep androgen levels balanced to avoid putting stress on the skin. The herbs also improve digestion, detoxify the liver and help purify the endocrine system. Some of the herbs used include anti-inflammatory honeysuckle and detoxifying neem. You can see a complete list of ingredients at the ZENMED website.  ZENMED sources organic herbs when possible.

Does Derma Cleanse contain harsh ingredients?

Derma Cleanse doesn’t use 100% natural ingredients, but comes very close. Many of its components are certified organic. ZENMED avoids using ingredients that many people oppose such as animal-derived ingredients, benzoyl peroxide, parabens, petrochemicals, sulfur, synthetic dyes and fragrances. It’s advertised as having virtually no side effects. However, women who are pregnant should consult an expert about the safety of the herbal capsules.

This product contains many soothing ingredients and is suitable for dry or otherwise sensitive skin.

What’s the price?

The three-step Derma Cleanse system costs about $80 with shipping and handling are included. That’s competitive considering that 120 days’ worth of capsules are included. Depending on your needs, the first shipment has enough cleanser and skin treatment for 60 to 120 days. Derma Cleanse is very reasonably priced considering research and development costs and the above-average ingredients.

Where can I buy the Derma Cleanse treatment system?

You can buy the ZENMED Derma Cleanse intensive treatment product line on their website at www.dermacleanse.com.  ZENMED has a 60-day return policy. That allows plenty of time for customers to see if the Derma Cleanse acne treatment system is right for them.