Vilantae Review
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Vilantae is marketed as an oral acne treatment. It’s brought to you by Evolution-X, the same company that we identified as appearing scammy in a review of the Cold Fusion acne treatment. According to the official Vilantae website, this vitamin supplement works by naturally reducing oil production. Their claim of 90% effectiveness in a clinical trial seems suspicious, but we approach every acne treatment review with an open mind.

What are the ingredients?

The main ingredient in Vilantae is a form of Vitamin B5 called pantothenate or pantothenic acid. Some natural sources of pantothenic acid include avocados, brewer’s yeast, broccoli, cauliflower, eggs, grapefruit, liver, nuts and yogurt.

How does Vilantae work?

According to Evolution-X, a research paper suggests that pantothenic acid boosts production of coenzyme A and thereby counteracts oil production in the skin. However, the research paper in question does not study the effects of just ingesting pantothenic acid capsules. The people in the study used a pantothenic acid facial cream.

How many capsules are to be taken?

Many, many capsules may be in your future if you choose Vilantae. The suggested dose is 10 capsules per day for the first five days and 20 capsules per day thereafter until skin clarity is achieved. The Vilantae website advises that if you have severe acne, you might take 24 capsules per day with a doctor’s approval. After that, the maintenance dose is between four and 15 capsules per day.

Supposedly, you need to take mass quantities of pantothenic acid for a short while to boost your natural ability to process it. This idea was never tested in the research paper that Vilantae mentions. Instead, the study participants “were given 10 grams of pantothenic acid a day in four divided doses. To enhance the effect, the patients were also asked to apply a cream consisting of 20% by weight of pantothenic acid to the affected area, four to six tines a day.” Ten grams of pantothenic acid a day can easily be obtained from a normal diet. For example, one cup of sunflower seed contains about 10 grams of Vitamin B5.

Vilantae is also available as a powder. According to the Villantae website, you are to mix three scoops of bitter-tasting powder into any drink every day for “ninty days.” (Yes, that’s the official website’s typo.)

Are there any negative side effects?

Two types of side effects are associated with Vilantae. First, as with other acne treatments, acne may get worse before it improves. Second, according to the company’s website, common side effects are headaches, stomach irritation and “a loosening of the stool (half way between normal and diarrhea).”

Although it’s supposedly impossible to overdose on pantothenate (Vitamin B5), the sales website states that women who are pregnant or nursing should not take Vilantae.

Can I combine Vilantae with other medications?

The Vilantae website is self-contradictory. First it states that Vilantae is an all-natural product that will not interfere with other medications. Then it says, “[P]lease do not use Vilantae if you are already on Accutane.” Maybe they want readers to think that their product is similar to Accutane. It’s not. Accutane is a derivative of Vitamin A. Vilantae is Vitamin B5.

Is Villantae a scam?

Vilantae shows many signs of being a scam. For one thing, on more than one occasion it apparently tries to equate itself with Accutane although the products are unrelated. Also, the “scientific” article posted on the company website does not appear worthy of a peer-reviewed journal. Vilantae acknowledges that the article they’re showing was revised sometime between first being published and appearing on their website. Finally, as mentioned above, the research study included small amounts of ingested Vitamin B5 plus a topic pantothenic acid treatment.

Would you recommend Villantae?

No, we would not recommend Vilantae. Here are two reasons: 1) Headaches, stomach irritation and loose bowels are common side effects of taking 20 Vitamin B5 caplets per day. 2) The research presented on the Vilantae website doesn’t indicate anything about the capsules’ effectiveness. Move along!

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