ThermaClear Acne System Review
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The ThermaClear Acne System includes a handheld heating device plus benzoyl peroxide lotions and creams. The main idea is that exposing a “pre-pimple” to heat for just a few seconds will help neutralize bacteria. ThermaClear’s own studies indicate that the heating system significantly shortens the lifespan of acne that’s forming beneath the skin. For example, acne that would remain for four days without any treatment is instead gone within 24 hours. However, best results occur when the pimple hasn’t broken the skin’s surface. Whiteheads don’t respond to heat treatment in the same way.

How does ThermaClear work?

ThermaClear primarily works by neutralizing bacteria. A battery-operated device provides a few seconds of heat that instantly destroy bacteria in the top layers of skin. The heat treatment also lets the benzoyl peroxide from other ThermaClear products penetrate the skin more readily.

Is ThermaClear effective?

This acne treatment’s skin-heating approach is based on technology that’s long been used in dermatologists’ offices. ThermaClear is approved by the FDA for home use.

Clinical studies have only compared the thermal device to no treatment at all, so it can’t be compared with medications or topical treatments. Logically though, the combination of two proven systems (the heat treatment and benzoyl peroxide) would be very effective.

This product is sold with a money-back guarantee. Since you can buy ThermaClear in stores or online, you have the option of avoiding shipping and handling fees.

Is ThermaClear a good value?

ThermaClear isn’t the only acne treatment that uses a heating device. You might want to compare prices for ThermaClear, Zeno and similar products. When making your comparisons keep in mind that these products occasionally need new cartridges. The original ThermaClear cartridge supposedly provides a full year of use whereas some competitors’ cartridges don’t last as long.

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