Sharkne Acne Treatment Review
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With an Internet full of scam acne treatments, Sharkne takes a blue ribbon for ridiculousness.  Its poorly designed website is full of writing errors and repeats the same babble we’ve heard from other scam acne companies based in the same town.

The small print from the Sharkne website tells it all: “All product claims are made based on one or some of the following; customer testimonials, medical endorsements, 3rd party clinical/scientific studies, our clinical studies, supplier information or user support forums. Results may vary.” Basically, Sharkne is leaving open the possibility that all the claims they make about success are based on customer testimonials or posts in user forums. We all know how easy it is to post a phony review. What is Sharkne? Apparently, a bunch of sharks.

How does Sharkne supposedly work?

Sharkne is an herbal supplement focused on detoxification. It contains apple cider vinegar, dandelion root and other natural ingredients that have long been associated with removing toxins from the liver and other organs. The supplement also supposedly contains natural hormone regulators.

Just like other products that are marketed under different names, Sharkne is advertised as containing 33 natural ingredients. Some of these are known to aid with skincare. For example, Vitamin A helps skin make repairs – but unless you’re malnourished, you’re probably already getting enough Vitamin A to let your skin heal normally. Some of the other ingredients in Sharkne might be effective when applied topically but not in herb form. Once they hit your stomach acids, a lot of them are useless against breakouts.

The poor English used in ingredient descriptions is another clue that Sharkne is a scam. For example, here’s their official website’s description of how one ingredient works: “Skin affairs related to toxic metabolites from improper absorption of digested articles and poor liver function are cured by this very potent ingredient.” Seriously?

Is Sharkne effective?

Sharkne claims a 99% success rate in big print — but small print notes that results will vary. Despite showing photos of people in white lab coats, they don’t offer any clinical studies of their product. And besides that, it’s obviously important to wash and exfoliate your face to keep acne away. Herbs can’t do it all.

What are some better acne treatments?

Some legitimate acne treatments in our reviews include Exposed, ClearPores and Skin ID. These are all available online without a prescription. If you might need a prescription acne medication, see our review of Differin.