Proactiv Solution Review
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The Proactiv Solution acne treatment system has caught plenty of attention thanks to Julianne Hough, Justin Bieber and other cute celebrity endorsers. Offering a 60-day trial, the Proactiv website advertises that “you have nothing to lose but your acne.” Read our review to find out if Proactiv is the best acne treatment for you.

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Can I really try Proactiv for free?

Kind of. You can return all of your Proactiv Solution bottles for a full refund within 60 days of purchase. The bottles may be empty. However, you will need to pay for shipping back and forth.

How does Proactiv work?

The various Proactiv Solution solutions primarily use benzoyl peroxide, witch hazel, glycolic acid and salicylic acid to fight acne and fade acne scars. They also provide aloe and other moisturizing agents. Three main multi-step Proactiv regimens are available:

  • Proactiv 3-Step Program
  • Proactiv Plus Deluxe
  • Proactiv Plus for Teens

Each system includes an exfoliating cleanser, a toner and a repairing cream. Additionally, the Plus Deluxe set includes Oil-Free Moisture with SPF 15 and a Daily Oil Control lotion that truly absorbs excess oil. The package for Plus for Teens set includes a Deep Cleansing Wash with salicylic acid, which is for the body, and an Advanced Blemish Treatment.

You can buy all of the above products and others separately too. For example, the Proactiv spot treatment with 6% benzoyl peroxide is a good seller.

Is Proactiv gentle on skin?

Proactiv is relatively gentle on skin but might irritate some people.

The main cleanser has a benzoyl peroxide concentration of 2.5%. This is relatively non-harsh as far as benzoyl peroxide goes. However, the combination of benzoyl peroxide with witch hazel and glycolic acid from the toner and salicylic acid from the moisturizer is too drying for some people with sensitive skin. The toner is alcohol-free though and contains botanical moisturizers. The basic moisturizer is a rich enough follow-up for the toner at nighttime. Still, you’ll need an additional product to protect your face in the daytime.

Also, one important thing to note is that Proactiv does use artificial color, parabens and other ingredients that some people find problematic.

Do you recommend the Proactiv sunscreen?

We don’t recommend Proactiv’s moisturizer with sunscreen unless you’re also covering up with a hat or using genuine mineral makeup with SPF. That’s because the Proactiv moisturizer only has SPF 15. Just about everybody should be using sunscreen with SPF 25 or higher. When you have freshly-renewed skin, you need even better protection to avoid burning and premature wrinkling.

Is Proactiv a reputable company?

Yes. In a world of acne treatment scams, Proactiv provides an effective product. The company doesn’t play games by misrepresenting itself or making refunds difficult to obtain. Proactiv might not cure severe or cystic acne but it’s a good first option for most acne sufferers. Overall we give Proactiv a positive review.

How can I get Proactiv and much does Proactiv cost?

You can buy Proactiv on their website at  Discounts are available for repeat customers and bulk orders. However, the basic three-step acne treatment costs $19.95 for a one-month supply. The Deluxe and Teen packages cost $29.95 each. Overnight shipping costs $9.99. A couple of free products are usually included. That’s showing confidence. Proactiv thinks it’s pretty likely you’ll become hooked.