Panoxyl Acne Treatment Review
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Panoxyl is yet another over-the-counter acne treatment brand containing benzoyl peroxide, a drying agent. Because they contain 10% benzoyl peroxide (a high concentration), Panoxyl products can be used for “emergency acne” but isn’t the best choice for long-term skin care.

A Panoxyl foaming cleanser, soap bar and spot treatment gel are available in drugstores. These can be used on the face or body. However, they are somewhat likely to irritate sensitive skin.

How does Panoxyl work?

Panoxyl’s active ingredient of benzoyl peroxide works as both a peeling agent and an antimicrobial treatment. It dries the skin’s surface cells so that they fall away and leave clear openings to pores. Then it dissolves the dirt, oil and bacteria inside of pores that can cause inflammation. Panoxyl also contains glycolic acid, which is another sloughing agent. It doesn’t contain any impressive emollients to help restore skin’s moisture.

How much does it cost?

Panoxyl acne treatments are inexpensive. The foaming cleanser costs about $10.

Is Panoxyl a scam?

We mention manufacturers’ shadiness when it relates to acne reviews, but Panoxyl is a legitimate company. It’s part of the GlaxoSmith Kline empire. Besides that, benzoyl peroxide is clinically proven to be effective against acne and especially when used in 5% or 10% concentrations.

Is Panoxyl right for me?

Panoxyl is extremely drying. You might have used benzoyl peroxide before but maybe not in a 10% concentration. If you have especially sensitive or dry skin, then this product isn’t for you. If you have oily skin or combination skin, it’s still best to start using Panoxyl slowly. People can usually build a tolerance within a week.

To start, use the benzoyl peroxide cleanser just once a day instead of two or three times. Avoid using it with other products that dry the skin. Otherwise you’ll run the risk of having an uncomfortable and/or embarrassing situation. Redness, itchiness and dry skin are common side effects. Swelling is a rare but possible reaction too.

Should I take other precautions with Panoxyl?

The main ingredient in Panoxyl, benzoyl peroxide, is a bleach. It can lighten your hair, clothes, towels, bedding and so forth. Take care when using this product to avoid getting funny-colored sideburns or ruining your belongings.

Because this product is so strong, it shouldn’t be used with other topical acne medications. Avoid using Panoxyl with products containing salicylic acid, glycolic acid or other peeling agents.

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