Orovo Acne Treatment Review
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Orovo Acne is an oral acne treatment. This non-prescription dietary supplement is claimed to reduce oil production, flush the body of toxins, and provide vitamins and minerals that promote clear skin. Because it removes toxins and boosts metabolism, this herbal supplement may also aid with weight loss. Some of the ingredients (especially idebenone) may not be safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

How is Orovo Acne used?

A dose of three to six capsules is to be taken twice daily. It should be used in conjunction with other Orovo products (a facial scrub and a moisturizing gel).

What are the ingredients?

The Orovo herbal supplement contains three categories of nutrients: vitamins and minerals, antioxidants and superfoods. These categories obviously overlap and are just used for convenience.

Here’s the complete ingredient list: Vitamin C, biotin, pantothenic acid, apple cider vinegar, licorice root, dandelion root, witch hazel leaf, lemongrass, glucosamine sulfate, milk thistle seed powder, noni fruit, pomegranate seed, mangosteen juice, white willow bark, turmeric, boswellin PE, acai, alfalfa, barley, buckwheat, cayenne pepper, flaxseed, garlic, lactobacillus acidophilus, soy isoflavones, wheatgrass, green tea, DMAE, alpha lipoic acid, and idebenone.

What is idebenone?

Idebenone is an experimental drug. It’s being used in research to treat Alzheimer’s Disease, muscular dystrophy and other serious diseases. Why is it included in this nutrition supplement? We can only guess. Maybe it’s because idebenone has a structure similar to that of the antioxidant coenzyme Q-10.

How much does Orovo cost?

One bottle of 60 Orovo Acne capsules sells for $49 on the brand’s official website. That’s very expensive considering the daily dose for strong acne is twelve caplets. Besides that, the official website recommends combining these herbs with the Orovo face wash and moisturizer. The complete system is almost incredibly overpriced.

Is Orovo effective against acne?

It’s impossible to know whether Orovo herbs will work to clear your acne. The supplement contains plenty of herbs and nutrients from superfoods that might have a profound impact on your internal processes and therefore your acne. There haven’t been any scientific studies to prove the effectiveness of these pills though. For example, we know that witch hazel is a good pore shrinker when it’s applied topically. Does that mean it makes sense to eat the witch hazel leaf? Orovo is asking us to take their word for it.

Some ingredients in Orovo acne will probably bring health benefits even if they don’t change acne. For example milk thistle is known by eastern and western doctors alike to be an effective liver cleanser. It’s included in the RockStar energy drink to help offset the effects of the stimulants on your liver. Green tea extract will likely give you an energy boost and help drop excess pounds. Wheatgrass absorbs more than 100 nutrients from the soil. Drinking just an ounce of wheatgrass juice provides the health benefits of eating pounds of vegetables.

Would you recommend Orovo Acne?

No, we wouldn’t recommend Orovo. For one thing, the inclusion of idebenone makes us nervous. Not enough research has been done on this drug. It definitely should not be taken by women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Besides that, Orovo Acne is much too expensive. Even if you’re rolling in cash, it makes sense to buy a different product with the same ingredients. Maybe you’ll need to get a few different nutrition supplements to mimic the Orovo blend, but your money will go ten times further.

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