Murad Acne Complex Review
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The Murad Acne Complex was created by Dr. Howard Murad, a dermatologist and associate professor of dermatology at the University of California – Los Angeles. Dr. Murad holds 18 patents for his various skincare products and has been praised by Vogue, Elle and other beauty magazines. The three-step Murad Acne Complex includes:

  1. Clarifying Cleanser
  2. Exfoliating Treatment Gel
  3. Skin Perfecting Lotion

These products have a pleasant scent and contain a combination of natural and synthetic ingredients. They are best for mild to moderate acne in teenage or adult skin.

See the Murad website

What ingredients are used?

The active ingredient in step #1, the cleanser, is plain old salicylic acid in a 1.5% concentration. Salicylic acid dissolves dead skin cells and destroys the bacteria that clog pores. It is such an effective exfoliator that you should use an SPF in conjunction with this product.

Step #2, the exfoliating gel, contains a lower percentage of salicylic acid. It also contains retinol (Vitamin A) to reduce sebum production and a low level of glycolic acid to encourage cell turnover. Dr. Murad reports that 92% of users see a reduction in acne within three days of using this gel consistently. The exfoliating gel is highly rated in customer reviews and has plenty of Likes on Facebook.

Step #3, the perfecting lotion, contains natural ingredients such as oat kernel protein to support cell structure, arnica to combat redness and extracts from grape seed, oranges and honey to moisturize and tone the pores. Overall Dr. Murad’s perfecting lotion is a combination of stearic acid, parabens and other not-so-edible ingredients plus age-old skincare remedies derived from roots, leaves and flowers. This product gets excellent customer reviews.

Overall the ingredients lists for Dr. Murad’s acne kit suggest effectiveness against mild to moderate acne rather than acute acne. Also, it contains enough conditioners to suit some people with sensitive skin; it isn’t especially drying but isn’t necessarily hypoallergenic.

How effective is the Murad Acne Complex?

Dr. Murad reports a 90% success rate within 4 weeks of starting treatment with the Acne Complex. This means that 90% of participants in his study had perfectly clear complexions.

A possible drawback to using this product though is the “purging” period. Some people experience a flare-up in acne as toxins that have been stored for awhile finally leave their skin. A few unhappy customers have had trouble recovering from that condition without using stronger acne products.

The Murad website also sells other acne treatments too. One option is a kit that combines an acne regimen with an anti-wrinkle treatment.

Overall: Recommended, but beware the auto-enrollment

Our overall review of Murad is positive. If you aren’t searching for purely organic acne treatment, we recommend trying the Murad Acne Complex for mild to moderate breakouts.

Where can I buy the Murad Acne Complex Product?

You can get the Murad product at their site,  Once you are there, if you still have questions about what might be best for you, there is a 15 question skincare evaluation that you can fill out to best determine what products you should get.  Be aware though that ordering the introductory kit enters you into a contract. You’ll be billed $29.95 plus $8.95 shipping every month unless you call a toll-free number to cancel.  Kits and single Dr. Murad products are sold with a money-back guarantee.