Lerosett Acne Mask Review
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The Lerosett Acne Mask is manufactured by Gunilla of Sweden. This company has been manufacturing truly organic skincare products since 1985. The products are designed in Sweden and produced in the US with mostly hydroponically-grown ingredients. The source of their natural clay is not disclosed on the official website.

What is the Lerosett Acne Mask?

The Lerosett acne mask is an all-natural clay product that pulls impurities from the skin. It contains minerals such as calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, potassium and zinc. The clay can be used as a daily face wash, a full face mask or a spot treatment for acne.

Can the mask irritate my skin?

Because the products are all natural, the Lerosett acne mask is highly unlikely to cause irritation. It’s advertised as being safe for pregnant women. Other treatments, like prescription Differin, are not safe for people who are pregnant or breastfeeding. The only ingredients in the mask are distilled water and natural clay that’s been heated and filtered.

Is the Lerosett Acne Mask effective?

The claims are big: Gunilla of Sweden claims that clinical studies show a 97% to 100% success rate in people with average to severe acne. Photos on the official Lerosett website suggest serious reductions in surface acne, tough cystic acne and acne scars occur over the course of two weeks. After that, the skin surface has regenerated beautifully and is producing a healthier level of oil. Regular use helps keep pores clean and clear without causing dryness.

Customer reviews suggest that the claims are overblown. About 75% of customers are satisfied.

How does the mask work?

When you use this product as a mask, you’ll let it dry on your skin for about 20 minutes. It will pull dead skin cells, toxins and excess oils from your pores. Some other benefits include enhanced circulation and zinc’s ability to repair the skin.

Would you recommend the Lerosett mask?

Clay masks can be extremely effective against all sorts of acne. Lerosett might not be your cure-all but it’s worth trying. At the least it will become one your favorites in a multi-step skincare routine.

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