Healthy Pores Review
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Healthy Pores acne treatment used to be produced by Leading Edge Herbals, a company that still markets a wide variety of natural products ranging from proven sleep aids to questionable hair restoration creams and alternatives to Viagra. Some Leading Edge products contain proven active ingredients but others have gotten formal consumer complaints.

A search for Healthy Pores will redirect you to ClearPores. Is the Healthy Pores or Clear Pores acne treatment effective? Read on for an unbiased review.

What is Healthy Pores or ClearPores?

This acne treatment is a 3-step system designed to clear away current breakouts and prevent future blemishes. Its active ingredients are salicylic acid, tea tree oil and herbs. Here’s an overview of the steps:

Step 1: Gentle Topical Cleanser

The ClearPores cleanser is designed to destroy the bacteria, sebum and dirt that cause whiteheads and blackheads. First the 2% salicylic acid solution clears away dead skin cells that block pore openings. Then it penetrates pores to dissolve the troublesome material that’s been trapped inside.

Step 2: Acne Treatment Cream

Step two, the ClearPores cream, moisturizes skin throughout the day or night while preventing new breakouts. Tea tree oil helps kill unwanted bacteria, keep oil under control and promote cell turnover.

Step 3: Oral Herbal Supplement

One cause of acne is the overproduction of sebum. Step three of this acne treatment system consists of a proprietary herbal blend that supposedly helps detoxify the body, calm the nervous system, fight inflammation and regulate overactive hormones. These effects reduce sebum protection. Some key ingredients in the supplement are aloe vera, burdock root, dandelion root, licorice root, sarsaparilla root and kelp. The herbs are contained in kosher gelatin capsules.

Is Healthy Pores (ClearPores) Effective?

Teenagers and adult customers with mild to moderate acne seem to be very satisfied with this acne treatment system. The ClearPores website is a bit misleading though. It shows a person with severe acne and a small disclaimer that the photo is simulated.

Healthy Pores, unlike systems that rely on benzoyl peroxide or three-step salicylic acid treatments, doesn’t cause excessive dryness or irritation.

Is ClearPores a scam?

ClearPores or HealthyPores tries to present itself as something that it’s not. For instance, it’s not backed by clinical tests. If you check out the professional recommendations on the ClearPores website you’ll see that the doctors are a bit goofy. One of them is a psychologist, not a dermatologist, and can only address the mental impact of having acne.

While ClearPores isn’t backed up by rigorous testing, it does contain ingredients that are known to be effective – even if the FDA doesn’t say so. People have been benefiting from plants like aloe vera and licorice root for thousands of years.

Is this acne solution a good value?

The Healthy Pores system used to cost about $45/month. That’s more expensive than mass-market drugstore products like Clean and Clear but is justified because the products are better quality. Now ClearPores has suddenly raised the price to $83/month, which is ridiculous. You could get the same effect by getting an herbal blend from the grocery store and combining it with another acne wash and cream.

Is there a guarantee?

ClearPores customers get a 90-day money back guarantee. Shipping and handling fees are not refunded.

Would we recommend the Healthy Pores acne treatment?

This product has become overpriced unless you buy in bulk. If you don’t want to put the effort into finding a similar herbal blend at your vitamin store, then we do recommend trying Healthy Pores or ClearPores for adult or teenage acne. Overall this is a good system to try if other acne treatments are too drying.

However, be cautious if you have sensitive skin. Don’t be fooled by the advertising about all-natural ingredients. Although the herbs are natural, the topical products contain plenty of synthetic ingredients and shouldn’t be considered hypoallergenic. You can see the ingredient lists on the ClearPores website.

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