Dermajuv Acne Review
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The Dermagist cosmeceutical company was formerly known as Dermajuv. The company states that although their name has changed, their all-natural skincare formulas have stayed the same. Dermagist acne treatments rely on resveratrol instead of harsh salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide to fight breakouts.

Our review finds that these products aren’t worth the high price. Besides that, a few signs indicate that the company is less than scientific. A costly return policy and the low quality of writing on the official website are red flags.

What is the Dermagist acne treatment?

Dermagist or Dermajuv includes a wide range of topical skincare products. There are cleansers, acne scar fading creams, lotions and more. All are based on the notion that resveratrol kills acne bacteria just as benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid can but without causing unpleasant side effects (i.e., flaky skin and itchniess).

What does Dermajuv cost?

Dermajuv is marketed as “a miracle product” and is priced for the hype. For instance, just one step in their acne care system costs $120 for a 45-day supply. Don’t be tricked into thinking that this is a luxury skincare line.

The company’s refund policy is discouraging. It’s only good for unopened products and there’s a $7 restocking fee. If Dermagist or Dermajuv were truly miraculous, surely the company could absorb the cost of a few returns.

Is Dermajuv effective against acne?

Dermajuv is not backed by scientific studies. Unlike benzoyl peroxide, resveratrol can kill bacteria but it won’t help prevent most future breakouts. The supposed customer testimonials seem to be phony.

These products do contain plenty of ingredients that make healthy skin softer. Some examples from a Dermagist cleanser include shea butter, aloe vera and tangerine oil. Overall this is a very expensive soap that would be best for your hands – not for acne-prone skin.

Do you recommend buying Dermajuv to fight acne?

We don’t recommend using Dermajuv or Dermagist to treat acne. The products might make your skin clean and soft but they won’t prevent future breakouts. The formulas certainly aren’t capable of yielding the dramatic effects seen in the supposed “before and after” pictures on the Dermagist website. Don’t be fooled! We think Dermagist is a scam.

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