Clinique Acne Solutions Review
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Clinique earned the distinction of creating the world’s first dermatologist-driven and hypoallergenic skincare line in 1968. Early products focused primarily on cleanliness and hydration but the newer Clinique products also target acne. Today the Clinique website markets the Acne Solutions Clear Skin System Starter Kit. The kit costs $34 and is designed for all skin types.

What’s included in the kit?

The Acne Solutions starter set includes a one-month supply of cleansing and exfoliating foam, clarifying lotion and skin-clearing moisturizer. Customers can order just a one-month supply or sign up for regular shipments.

How effective is Clinique Acne Solutions?

The Acne Solutions products are no doubt effective. In a two-week study conducted by Estee Lauder laboratories, 96% of users had a reduction in blemishes and liked how hydrated and soft their skin felt. That doesn’t mean that all types of acne were conquered though. Clinique’s tagline is “If it doesn’t require a dermatologist, all you need is Clinique Acne Solutions.” That phrasing is essentially code for “Acne Solutions will make your skin pretty if it wasn’t too bad to begin with.”

You can expect Acne Solutions to provide these benefits:

  • Immediately: Excess shine and dry skin cells are washed away. Skin is cleaner and smoother.
  • After 7 days: Skin has fewer blemishes and is calmer overall. Makeup goes on more easily and has better hold.
  • After 14 days: Smoother and clearer skin is virtually guaranteed. Pores are smaller and mid-day shine is diminished.
  • After six weeks: Breakouts are milder and less frequent. Skin continues to improve with time.

What are the active ingredients in Clinique Acne Solutions?

Clinique doesn’t mention any ingredients in its ads for Acne Solutions, but a bit of sleuthing reveals that it relies on old standbys to treat breakouts: benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. That means you should use sunscreen with SPF 25 or greater in conjunction with Acne Solutions.

Clinique’s Acne Solutions also uses sugar as an exfoliator and cholesterol to seal in moisture. Its green tea extract reduces inflammation and redness.

Once your acne is taken care of, you might prefer to use the full Acne Solutions set occasionally instead of every day. Using just one product instead of three every day could be enough to maintain clear skin. In customer reviews many people recommend using the toner without any other acne-fighting products.

What’s the overall review?

We recommend the Clinique Acne Solutions starter set to men and women who have not-so-serious acne outbreaks. It improves skintone immediately, clears blemishes within a few days and supports a consistently clear complexion after six weeks. Unlike some cheap $19.99 options, Clinique Acne Solutions contains effective moisturizers that keep skin remarkably smooth and luminous.

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