ClearPores Review
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ClearPores is an affordable and comprehensive skincare program that’s backed by clinical studies. This three-step acne treatment system includes dietary herbs and topical products to address acne from the inside-out and the outside-in. It earns consistently positive reviews from dermatologists, herbalists and customers. A facial/body wash, acne treatment cream and herbal supplement are included.

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Product Features

  • Herbal supplement contains highly effective natural ingredients
  • Cleanser and cream attack acne-causing bacteria inside pores
  • Cream moisturizes to help skin feel soft – no flaking!
  • System reduces redness, inflammation and scarring
  • ClearPores reduces sebum production in multiple ways

The 3-Step ClearPores System

ClearPores takes a three-step approach to fighting current acne outbreaks and preventing future blemishes:

Step 1 – Herbal Supplement

The ClearPores acne treatment supplement is a 100% natural herbal blend. It can help prevent outbreaks that result from hormonal imbalances, poor diet, poor circulation, sluggish digestion and other internal factors. Some of the active ingredients include dandelion root, sarsaparilla root, burdock root, aloe vera and kelp. This effective supplement is kosher but is not vegetarian; the capsules are made of gelatin.

Step 2 – Facial/Body Cleanser

Step 2 in the ClearPores system is the deep cleanser. It can be used on the face and body to unclog pores and destroy bad bacteria. The main ingredient is salicylic acid. It also exfoliates with alpha hydroxy acids and removes excess oil that is often the culprit behind acne.

Step 3 – Protective Cream

ClearPores protective cream helps keep freshly-cleaned pores moisturized and clear. It also reduces sebum production and reduces redness. Unlike the herbal supplement, this product contains a few natural ingredients but consists mostly of chemicals not found in nature. Some of the ingredients include PEG-100 stearate, disodium EDTA, retinyl palmitate, methylparaben, propylparaben and linseed oil. Alpha and beta hydroxyl acids help to attract moisture and exfoliate to give skin a healthy glow.

How Much Does ClearPores Cost?

ClearPores is available in different product combinations and several sizes. You might prefer to start small and ensure that ClearPores works for you before you invest in the larger product containers, but customers do get a six-month money-back guarantee. Best results are seen after three months. As you’d expect, bonuses and discounts are included when you buy a larger supply at once. Here are some options though with just the single-month prices:

Facial System – $60 – Includes face wash, anti-acne cream and an herbal supplement

Body Acne System – $65 – Includes body wash, acne cream and an herbal supplement

Complete System – $99 – Includes face wash, body wash, acne treatment cream and an herbal supplement

Again, customers can save money in the long run by purchasing these packages in multi-month sets.

When Does ClearPores Show Results?

Customers can expect ClearPores to work very well in the long term. Initially though, acne may actually become worse. That’s because the herbs help the body to detoxify and contaminants can cause skin trouble on their way out. The cycle of acne breakouts is effectively broken by the second month though. That’s when the magic begins. Customers who haven’t achieved beautiful complexions by the end of month #3 are entitled to a full refund.

Where can I buy ClearPores?

You can buy ClearPores at most drugstores or it is also available at the companies website – The great thing about ClearPores is that they remain among the top acne products that we’ve reviewed. However, patience is needed. The best results come along when the herbal supplement gains strength. The herbal component makes ClearPores a truly innovative and holistic anti-acne system.