Bruunhause Review
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Bruunhause acne gel is, like hundreds of scam products, marketed as one of the world’s most effective acne treatments. Despite this impressive claim, Bruunhause is not approved by the FDA. The website makes an attempt at appearing very “medical” but fails to provide clinical studies of the product’s effectiveness.

Because Bruunhause has a Germanic name, you might think that it’s a fancy imported European skincare product. It’s not. Bruunhause is manufactured by E Nutrition Research in Utah.

How does Bruunhause supposedly treat and prevent acne?

Bruunhause touts one active ingredient: hydronium or H30. It’s a water-friendly compound that helps keep skin moisturized. The rationale behind using this ingredient seems to be that overly dry skin will produce too much oil and thus get riddled with acne. The company doesn’t provide any studies of hydronium though and contradicts its own claim about hydration! That is, consumers are instructed to apply a dime-sized amount of Burrhause gel three times per day unless the solution is too drying. How could a product like hydronium be too drying?

What are the other ingredients in Bruunhause acne gel?

Bruunhause advises checking with a doctor before using what they call “natrual herbal extracts.” That’s right – they didn’t even get the spelling right. Customers are told, “Please read carefully through the ingredients to assure you are not allergic to any.” However, the ingredients list is not published on the official website.

I called Bruunhause to request an ingredients list. I was told that I’d receive the list by email within five minutes. It never arrived. A second phone kept me on hold for more than 12 minutes before asking me to leave a recorded message. I did not because I already had my answer: E Nutrition is not worth dealing with.

What are the disadvantages of trying Bruunhause?

Bruunhause costs a lot more than most products in our acne treatment reviews. The $107 price tag for a 2 ounce bottle sounds like quite a gamble! Besides that, no free trial or money-back guarantee is offered.

Would you recommend Bruunhause?

Bruunhause is a decidedly sketchy product. It attempts to appear scientific by describing “Source Acne Theory” on its website. Source Acne Theory simply states that bacteria can cause acne. The so-called marketer actually explains that “to fight acne effectively, you must penetrate deep down through the clogged pore to reach and destroy the acne-causing bacteria. This may be common knowledge to even you, but most products acne treatments have yet to adapt to this scientific knowledge.” That claim simply isn’t true! Plenty of acne treatments are based on the same principle. Combine this odd claim of uniqueness with the silly foreign-sounding name coming out of Utah and you have good signs of a scam.

What are some effective alternatives to Bruunhause acne gel?

It’s not difficult to find products that attack acne in multiple proven ways. If you have serious acne or simply chronic acne that hasn’t responded to various treatments, try a holistic product that combines topical cleansers and creams with oral herbal supplements.  Some systems that deserve good reviews include Exposed, ClearPores and the ZenMed Derma Cleanse.