Biodermagen Review
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Biodermagen’s tagline is “An acne serum that works!” The manufacturer claims that this all-natural solution can clear acne overnight. The serum is also credited with restoring a youthful glow instead of drying out skin like other acne treatments can.

How does Biodermagen fight acne?

Biodermagen works by dissolving bacteria and keeping skin hydrated so that it won’t overcompensate with extra oil production. The ingredients are: hydronium 55 (an antioxidant), water, aloe vera (moisturizer), witch hazel (astringent), salicylic acid (an antibacterial exfoliator), allantoin, jojoba oil (moisturizer),  hyaluronic acid (moisturizer), xanthan, preservative, lemongrass, clove, bergamot, lavender, green tea extract, natural color and fragrance.

What does Biodermagen cost?

A one-month supply of this product costs $25. It’s cheaper when you buy in bulk. The company advertises a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Our opinion of Biodermagen

Biodermagen might sound promising in some descriptions but it’s a sketchy product. The website is suspiciously undeveloped for a product that’s supposedly so effective and professional. Unlike other acne treatment websites, they don’t include customer testimonials.

Besides that, holistic systems are more effective than single products. Even if Biodermagen works as advertised, its strategies don’t address every cause of acne. Excess oil production is only one contributor to problem skin.

What are some better options?

The single Biodermagen product, a topical serum, costs $25 for a one-month supply. For just $19.99 you could try a complete personalized system from Neutrogena instead. Neutrogena is the company behind Skin ID. The Skin ID website has a questionnaire that identifies the best cleanser, spot treatment and other products to keep a given customer’s skin clear. Questions are asked about age, gender, perspiration levels, type of acne, climate and other variables.

Another good acne treatment option is ClearPores. The ClearPores skincare system includes topical products and an herbal supplement. Unlike the maker of Biodermagen, the ClearPores manufacturer doesn’t promise instant results – but good things come to those who wait.