ASSO Soap Review
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Funny Name, Doubtful Power

ASSO Soap contains pure gold. Flecks of 24 karat gold are said to treat acne at the skin’s surface and bring dramatic improvements to skintone within a week. What do you call a bar of ASSO Soap? An ASSOBAR. The name is awful. But does gold soap work?

How might gold soap fight acne?

The ASSOBAR website states that using gold for skin health was an ancient practice among Chinese royalty. It’s to be rubbed onto the skin, left for about 30 seconds, and rinsed away.

According to ASSO’s marketing, gold works in multiple ways to improve skin’s condition.

  • Gold ions work as antioxidants that neutralize free radicals beneath the skin’s surface.
  • The 24 karat specks are said to stimulate collagen production and support elastin.
  • Gold is said to stimulate blood flow and thereby indirectly improve the skin.

What ingredients are used in ASSO Soap?

ASSO contains gold and ordinary vegetarian soap ingredients: aqualene, coconut oil, palm oil, herb oil, glycogen and vitamin C. Regardless of the gold’s efficacy, the other ingredients will leave skin clean and soft.

How much does gold soap cost?

ASSO Soap costs $24/bar plus $7 shipping. Each bar will last for about five weeks with twice daily use.

Is ASSO Soap worth the money?

ASSOBAR claims to have a 98% customer satisfaction rate. It offers a money-back guarantee. Still, it’s hard to imagine buying this product and not feeling a bit foolish. People with anything more than mild acne will most likely need a product that’s been proven effective in laboratory studies.

What are some better choices? Look for acne treatments with effective herbal supplements or topical antibacterial agents like tea tree oil and salicylic acid. You could also order a customized skincare line online from Exposed or Skin ID for the cost of ASSO Soap.