Acnexus Review
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Acnexus acne treatment advertisers make rather outlandish claims but we gave them a chance. Careful review of the official product website suggests that as we suspected, Acnexus is a scam. For one thing, a glaring headline advertises that Acnexus is “the world’s best acne treatment” and will “eliminate acne once and for all” within four weeks. Elsewhere on the site though, it says that results may not be evident for six weeks! Inconsistency is rampant.

Another warning sign is the poor grammar and spelling on the Acnexus website. The copy suggests that the company is less than professional. Also, their photograph of a model with clear skin has been used on several other acne treatment websites that we’ve identified as scams.

What is Acnexus?

The Acnexus acne treatment is a one-step process. It’s an exfoliating scrub that you rub onto your face for 30 seconds and then rinse away. The process is to be done twice daily.

What are the ingredients in Acnexus?

Acnexus contains 27 natural ingredients. These particular ingredients can’t be expected to work against serious acne but might fight mild cases. For example, white willow bark is the natural version of salicylic acid. Walnut shell also helps to exfoliate the skin and sage is a mild disinfectant. Many of the other ingredients only serve to smell divine and leave skin softened.

Acnexus doesn’t contain any of the ingredients that are controversial among naturopaths. There are no parabens, mineral oils, etc. Here’s the ingredients list:


      Organic Aloe Vera Gel
      White Willow Bark
      Gotu Kola
      Valerian Root
      Green Tea
      Walnut Shell Grit
    Redmond Clay
      Vegetable Glycerin
      Jojoba Oil
      Avocado Oil
      MSM (sulfur)
      Bergamot Oil
      Chamomile Oil
      Clary Sage
    Frankincense Oil
      Geranium Essential Oil
      Jasmine Essential Oil
      Juniper Oil
      Lavender Oil
      Palmarosa Oil
      Patchouli Oil
      Rosemary Oil
      Ylang Ylang
      Vitamin E Oil











Would you recommend Acnexus?

Acnexus is a fine facial scrub but has no business marketing itself as a revolutionary acne treatment. Its ingredients are simply too mild to have an effect on chronic skin problems. Besides that, the company seems to be a fly-by-night operation. They hope to convince you of their product by selling it for a very low price, but that just means that you’ve thrown a small amount of money out the window.

For a similar price you could buy a comprehensive skincare system that includes a topical cleanser and anti-acne lotion in addition to herbal supplements that help regulate hormone fluctuations. Some examples of legitimate products like that include Exposed Skin CareClear Skin Max and Derma Cleanse.

You could also try any basic acne cleanser that contains a proven active ingredient such as salicylic acid and supplement it with a good SPF moisturizer plus herbs and teas from a natural grocery. (Herbs can be very inexpensive when purchased loose from bulk bins and a staff member should be able to make smart suggestions.) Some basic acne cleansers we like come from Clinique and Neutrogena’s Skin ID line of customized skincare.