AcneFree Review
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AcneFree is a top-selling acne treatment first marketed in 2005. It works around the clock and is more affordable than competitors. This product is effective for people who respond well to benzoyl peroxide and similar ingredients. However, it’s rather harsh and there’s not much to distinguish it from other non-prescription acne treatments. More effort seems to have gone into marketing than product development.

AcneFree was developed by University Medical Pharmaceuticals Corporation in Irvine, CA. It’s the same company that sells anti-wrinkle brow patches through infomercials and in drugstores.

AcneFree Ingredients

The primary AcneFree system includes three products: a cleanser, a day cream and a night cream. Their active ingredients are salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide and benzalkonium chloride. These ingredients are microencapsulated to deliver medication nonstop. That sounds nice and is nice – but don’t be fooled into thinking it’s unique. Microencapsulation is pretty standard in modern products. In addition to the cleansers and creams there are toners, scrubs and other AcneFree products with those and other potent active ingredients.

Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid is an exfoliator derived from willow tree bark. It clears dead skin cells that clog pore openings. This ingredient is effective but is too harsh for some people’s skin; it can lead to dryness and redness. It isn’t recommended for people who are allergic to aspirin, which another willow tree product.

Benzoyl Peroxide

Benzoyl peroxide, like salicylic acid, is an exfoliator. It speeds up cell turnover and kills the bacteria that are exposed. Like salicylic acid, it can be too drying for some people’s skin. However, most people build a tolerance quickly. Side effects could disappear within a week.

Because benzoyl peroxide is a powerful bleaching agent it should be used with care around hair, clothing and towels. Also, it’s critical that people using this ingredient use adequate sun protection. Otherwise dark tan blotches might appear on newly-emerged skin cells.

Benzalkonium Chloride

Benzalkonium chloride isn’t used so commonly in anti-acne treatments. It’s a powerful biocide that’s used in products such as Bactine and hygienic towelettes. Some people enjoy great benefits from this ingredient but others are allergic.


Sulfur is a powerful antibacterial and a strong drying agent. It’s the active ingredient in the AcneFree therapeutic mask. It can be a fast but overly drying treatment for breakouts. Sulfur should be used with care around silver jewelry because it can cause tarnishing.

Money-Back Guarantee

If you do try AcneFree and are dissatisfied you can return the bottles (even if they’re empty) for a full refund of the product price. You’ll still pay for shipping and handling unless, of course, you purchased AcneFree at a drug store.

Should You Buy AcneFree?

AcneFree is one of America’s top-selling acne fighters. Even so, popularity doesn’t always indicate superiority. It’s true that this acne treatment costs less than the competition. However, you might get skin irritation that could be avoided with a better product line. The irritation has even been noted by the FDA although these treatments retain federal approval. Note: AcneFree has not been specifically approved for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Seeing products like AcneFree makes alternatives with great moisturizers and natural ingredients seem even more appealing than usual. It’s worth spending a bit more when your basic appearance and overall health are concerned.

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