AcnEase Review
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AcnEase is an anti-acne treatment based on traditional Chinese medicine. It targets acne through herbal supplements instead of with topical products containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. The rationale is that acne emerges when the body has excess “heat” and toxins. The AcnEase supplement is said to cool the blood and reduce toxin levels. It’s been proven to clear up spotty complexions and prevent future outbreaks.

The AcnEase herbal supplement is to be taken twice daily. People are advised to take different dosages depending on the severity of their acne. Results may be seen in as little as one to two weeks. A full month may be needed for maximum benefit.

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How does AcnEase work?

The concept of heat in Chinese medicine states that heat sets actions in motion. It puts androgens and estrogens out of balance and thereby triggers acne outbreaks. The herbs in AcnEase work on the endocrine system to regulate hormone production.

Some key ingredients in AcnEase include dandelion root, gardenia fruit, Balsam pear and mustard leaf.

Does AcnEase target all causes of acne?

In an AcnEase study of 20 teens, 17 (85%) found it to be effective. Those numbers are impressive considering the absolute lack of topical products. AcnEase advertising states that the herbs are proven 95% effective overall on people aged 15 to 31. It not only combats teen acne and chronic adult acne but also has positive side effects such as reducing heat sensitivity, redness and what they call “gritty eyes.”

Of course, imbalanced hormones and other internal factors aren’t the only contributors to acne. It’s important to use a gentle cleanser and exfoliator regularly in order to keep pores open. Otherwise bacteria, sebum and other material can become trapped and cause whiteheads, blackheads or deep cystic acne.

Our review of AcnEase

We like the fact that AcnEase published its clinical study and uses all-natural ingredients. Why do natural ingredients matter? Practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine advise that whatever you place on your skin must be processed by the liver. In simpler terms, your skin is like a sponge. If you put a bleach like benzoyl peroxide on your skin, you’re essentially pouring bleach into your internal organs too.

Another benefit of these herbs versus salicylic acid is that your sensitivity to ultraviolet rays isn’t increased. Since you aren’t peeling away the top layer of skin, there’s no need to take additional precautions with the sun during treatment.

We also recommend trying AcnEase because it has a money-back guarantee. Since AcnEase is extremely unlikely to cause negative side effects, you might as well try it if you can afford it. Even if you are among the minority who don’t get good results, you’ll have a healthier body and probably a better mood as you move on to the next treatment for acne.

Where can I get AcnEase and how much does it cost?

You can get AcnEase at their website,  The monthly expense for AcnEase varies with the severity of a person’s acne. A first month’s supply could cost anywhere from about $60 to $210. After that, the herbs have cleared your skin and monthly maintenance might cost $30.

If the initial cost is too much for you, you might want to try some cheaper options that combine herbs with topical treatments. These aren’t completely natural though.