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AcneTreatment.net is the joint effort of skin care professionals and non-professionals who are simply passionate about fighting the pimple. We’re here to help you learn about issues such as preventing acne, treating acne and reducing acne scars.

Our goal is to create the Internet’s largest collection of unbiased acne treatment reviews. Since we’re true soldiers in the war on whiteheads, our acne articles and acne product reviews are not influenced by manufacturers or tainted by the profit motive. Core team members explain their interests in our site:

“As a dermatologist’s assistant, every day I see adults who thought they were permanently scarred from teen acne. I love to see people’s confident smiles after treatment! I want to spread the word about effective acne scar treatments like chemical peels, dermabrasion and laser resurfacing.”

“I fought the acne fairy throughout my teenage years. Now that I’m a cosmetologist, I know about awesome skin care products and healthy makeups. I have clear skin and small pores like a little kid! I’m excited to share what I know. Nobody should feel embarrassed about showing their face.”

“My mother had some misguided home remedies for acne but she did teach me to appreciate natural medicine in general. Now that I’ve studied holistic healing, I understand how plants and food can be medicinal. I like sharing knowledge about natural ways to get clear skin.”

How can our acne website help you? Our skin care and acne articles help people prepare questions for dermatology appointments or avoid their need for dermatologists altogether. Of course, your specific needs depend on your skin type, your acne type and any special medical conditions you might have. Please contact us if there’s an acne question you’d like to see answered on our site.

We love to help!  Please let us know what you need and we will use all of the resources that we have to give you the best information available.

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