A Guide to Common Skin Conditions and Treatment

Skin Conditions MagnifiedThere is a saying that image is everything. This slogan from a commercial company can also be used in everyday life. People for the most part are very concerned about the way that they look, and do everything that they can do to present a positive image to the outside world. In presenting a good image, people are concerned about a number of areas including the clothes that they wear, the look of their hair in the overall look of themselves. One of the areas that people are concerned with is the look and feel of their skin.

Whether you are looking at the skin on people’s faces, hands, feet or other parts of the body, there are a number of medical concerns that people have about their skin. The problems of the skin range from fairly simple problems such as having a blister, being sunburnt to other skin conditions such as having Rosacea or Acne. Depending on the severity of the skin problem, treatment can range from keeping a sunburn cool and moist to treatments for Acne. The important part for patients is to have the skin condition identified properly, so that they can get the proper treatment.

To help people learn about potential problems and conditions that are skin related, we have asked our team of professionals to put the following resources in place. With the following information about symptoms to look for and treatment options that are available, people can get the treatment that they need whether you are a teenager suffering from Acne to a senior citizen battling the problems of Rosacea. Feel free to visit our page often and share it with others that can benefit from this information.

Common Skin Conditions

  • Skin Conditions – Informative page which provides information on many of the common skin conditions that are known.
  • Skin Condition Information – Skin information that patients can use to understand many of the normal skin conditions.
  • Common Skin Conditions – Useful page which deals with a number of the most common skin related conditions.
  • Acne – Information on the common skin condition that generally affects teenagers.
  • Eczema – Page which provides information on the types of Eczema and treatment suggestions.
  • Rosacea – Helpful page which lists information and symptoms on one of the most common skin conditions.

Skin Problems

  • Skin Problems – Information on the skin problems that are found along with some treatment suggestions.
  • ABC News Skin Problems – News article and page from ABC News about typical skin problems.
  • Skin Issue Overview – Helpful page which provides a medical overview of many of the regularly found skin problems.
  • Sunburn – Mayo Clinic web page which contains a summary of the problems associated with sunburn.
  • Cold Sores – Informative page which contains helpful information on what to look for when dealing with cold sores in people.
  • Blisters, Calluses and Corns – Useful web page which talks about how to deal with a variety of skin issues.


  • Rashes and Skin Problems – Information and symptom checker for some of the most common skin problems and rashes.
  • Skin Disease Symptoms – Helpful page of information and what to look for related to skin problems.
  • Symptoms of Skin Disease – Medical information about what information you should be aware of in order to discover skin disease.
  • Skin Rash Symptoms – Web page which has a symptom checker in order to help determine the medical condition.
  • Self Help – Interactive page where people can input symptoms in order to help determine the skin problem.
  • Rashes and Skin Problems – Useful page which walks you through the steps in order to determine the proper course of treatment for rashes or skin problems.


  • Problems and Treatment – Overview of the treatment of common types of skin conditions and problems.
  • Skin Problems and Treatments – Information for children on how to identify and treat normal skin problems.
  • Skin Information – Web site which provides information and ideas on how to treat various skin problems.
  • Treating Common Skin Problems – Page which contains information on the ways to treat many of the commonly found skin problems.
  • Skin Information – Helpful page which has information on skin problems and lists many treatment options.
  • Skin Condition and Care – Web site which contains a number of resources and information about normal skin problems and treatment information.

General Resources

  • Skin Disorders and Diseases – Portal of information on a wide range of topics surrounding skin problems.
  • Common Skin Problems – Information on fifteen of the most common skin problems that people face.
  • Infectious Skin Diseases – Helpful page which discusses a number of regularly seen skin diseases.
  • Skin Disorders – Directory of resources that are related to skin disorders.
  • Skin problems – School related site which contains a number of commonly seen problems related to the skin.
  • Skin Conditions – Web page which provides an overview of many skin conditions.